What is 3G HSDPA?
High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) is a new mobile data system and is sometimes referred to as a 3.5G (or "3½G") technology. It is an evolution of current data standards, designed to speed up access to the Internet up to 5 times.

What is needed to access the 3G HSDPA Broadband network?
The latest HSDPA data card that can be used with a Vodacom 3G contract or with a 3G/MyMeg Bolt-on contract.

Are the current 3G Vodafone Mobile Connect Cards compatible with HSDPA?
No, unfortunately the current cards cannot be upgraded to support HSDPA. You will need to purchase the new HSDPA enabled Vodafone Mobile Connect cards which comes with a new disk for the installation of new software specific for the HSDPA card.

Why can the current Vodafone Mobile Connect cards not be upgraded?
All current Mobile Connect cards do not have the physical capability to be used on the higher speed, so just upgrading the software won’t help.

What can existing 3G customers do in order to get an HSDPA card ?
There are 4 options for existing customers to obtain an HSDPA card:

Option 1 – Wait for upgrade eligibility

As with all Vodacom’s 24-month airtime contracts, you become eligible for an upgrade in month 22 and will be able to obtain the new HSDPA card at this point.

Option 2 – Premature upgrade

You also have the option of a premature upgrade. This means that you can upgrade your card and extend your contracts prior to their eligibility date. There will however, be a cost involved with this option. You will first need to settle the current 3G contract. Then you can sign a new 24-month contract for HSDPA.

Call Vodacom Retentions on 082-1959 if you would like to do a premature upgrade. The Retentions Consultant will give you a quote for the premature upgrade and extension of the contract.

Option 3  - Buy the card for cash

You always have the option of buying any device for cash. The recommended selling price of the card is R2699.00 (incl.VAT).

Option 4 – Swop 3G Card for HSDPA Card

If you would like to swop your existing 3G Mobile Connect Cards contact your nearest Vodashop.

Are the 3G Routers compatible with the 3G HSDPA cards?
Yes, the existing Linksys Routers are compatible however, a firmware upgrade to the router will have to be done.

The upgraded firmware will be available by the 1st of June 2006 on www.vodacom.co.za

Where can the 3G HSDPA Broadband Network be accessed?
All 3G enabled base stations have been upgraded to also support HSDPA, however, the coverage is not identical due to the fact that the HSDPA network is more sensitive to external influences.

What speeds can be attained on the 3G HSDPA Broadband Network?
Under perfect conditions, you should get speeds of up to 1.8 Mbps, but expect to get speeds of between 400 Kbps and 800 Kbps with peaks of approximately 1.4 Mbps.

If there is no HSDPA signal will I be able to use 3G and GPRS?
Yes, when the signal drops off you will be able to access the 3G, Edge and GPRS network in the same manner as with the 3G network.