Look4help provides Vodacom subscribers with a mobile panic button. By saving the Look4help number *120*888*888# as a speed dial, you can immediately notify 4 pre-specified cell users that you need help, and inform them of your current location.

Look4help means that you as a Vodacom subscriber in emergencies don't have to waste precious seconds giving your location to a third party over the phone.

Look4help is available to all Vodacom subscribers for a subscription fee of R11.40 per month. The cost of activating a Look4help alert is R2.99.

To register for Look4Help follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Login to your Look4me account.
  3. If you have forgotten your login details, or you're not currently registered for
  4. Look4me simply send the word PIN to 31888.
  5. You will receive an SMS within a short while informing you of your Look4me   Internet login details,registering for a Look4me web account is free.
  6. Once you have logged into your account, click on the Look4help tab on the left hand side of the screen.
  7. You will be presented with the Look4help screen. Complete the appropriate fields by entering the cell numbers of the persons you wish to notify in an emergency.
  8. Click on the confirm button.

Save the following code to your contact list:


Allocate one of your speed-dials to this number. We recommend "9"

In an emergency situation simply depress the relevant button, i.e. "9", for 5 seconds. Up to 4 SMS's detailing your current location will immediately be sent to the pre-specified cell users.

Subscription is R11.40 per month.

You will only be charged when you process the panic button (i.e. “9”). The cost is R3.42 whether it is sent to 1 or 4 people. Note that these tariffs are subject to change without prior notice.