Vodafone Simply is a unique handset developed after extensive research specifically for people who only want to use basic voice and text services. 
Who will use the Vodafone Simply Handset?
Individuals who want to use basic voice and text services with minimum complexity to keep in touch with family and friends. The Vodafone Simply handset is available on new Contracts, Prepaid and Top Up users as well as on upgrades.
What are some of the features available on the Vodafone Simply Handset?
  • The phone has a large, easy to read screen and key pad with font zoom functionality.
  • The phone has 3 unique buttons to access essential phone functionality (namely: Contacts, Messages, Home).
  • The phone also has a flashing button which alerts you when you have missed a call or received a new message.
  • Listening to voicemail messages has been simplified so you only have to press a single button.  You no longer have to remember the voicemail short code.
  • Helpful tips are built into the phone to assist with functionality.
  • The phone has a battery life of up to 400 hours in standby mode.
  • The phone has a side button, to change ringer settings quickly and easily so there is no need for you to navigate complicated menus to silence your phones.
  • The phone automatically prompts the user to save a new number if it is not already in their phonebook.
  • The phone remembers the top 3 contacts and most frequently dialled numbers.
  • The Home screen displays battery life, signal strength, ringer setting status, and own cell number. 
What features are not available on the Vodafone Simply Handset?
  • The phone is not Vodafone Live!
  • The phone can receive and forward MMSs but cannot send MMSs.
  • The phone does not have a camera.
  • The phone does not have internet functionalities.
Are there different Vodafone Simply Handset models?
Yes there are two models:
  • The V3 is a clamshell (flip open) and has a colour screen\
  • The V4 is candybar shaped and has a colour screen.  This model will be featured in all the marketing communication.