The easy-to-use Vodafone Mobile Connect USB modem is a small 3G HSDPA enabled, portable device which slots into the USB port of any desktop or laptop - you now only need one device for all your mobile internet access needs, irrespective of the type of PC you use.

How does it work?

The Vodafone Mobile Connect USB modem slots into the USB port of any desktop or laptop and provides mobile broadband access, delivering throughput speeds (under ideal conditions) of up to 1.8Mbs – offering you instant Internet access – there is no waiting for installation!

The Vodafone Mobile Connect modem is compatible with all Windows-based and Apple Macintosh computers.  The required Mobile Connect software for Windows-based PCs is already loaded on the USB modem and self installs as soon as it’s plugged into the USB slot of your PC.  The Mobile Connect software for Apple Macintosh computers is included on a CD, and can be installed by following the easy installation process – the software also be downloaded from Vodacom’s website: 

Who is it for?

The easy-to-use Vodafone Mobile Connect USB modem can be used by all Vodacom customers on any PC.  People working in business, such as SMMEs as well as those customers working in corporate business environments, will find this device invaluable when in or out-of-the-office to stay connected at all times.  Customers at home, as well as home-based businesses, will find the USB Modem helpful as there is no waiting period for installation and access is an easy process.

How do I get it?

How much does it cost?

This USB modem is available to all Vodacom Contract, Top Up and Prepaid customers.  The cost of the USB modem, as well as applicable data charge is determined by the type of data package you choose.

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